ATM VOLUNTEER OUTREACH PROJECT (AVOP) is an AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria initiative. ATM (AIDS,Tuberculosis, and Malaria) has been classified world’s recognized diseases where several thousands have already died AVOP has been established to reduce the infection rate in Nigeria by improving the way people manage malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS. Learn More


ENHANCING NIGERIA’S RESPONSE TO HIV/AIDS PROJECT (ENR) is an Integrated HIV prevention, institutional strengthening, stewardship and coordination Programme.

It is a 6-year HIV programme (Jan 19, 2009 to Dec 2014) project funded by UK Department for International Development

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Due to the awareness that the environment has suffered so much ruins like degradation, ozone depletion, erosion and others due to our quest for industrialization and globalization.

To ensure a secured future and an improved environmental condition for the generation that would be coming after, the organization has seen a need to enlighten the populace on the effect of human actions ...

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The YOUTHS HAVE A SAY (YHAS) PROJECT is a project that was conceptualized in the year 2011. It was necessitated due to the fact that Nigeria youths population (about 60% of the entire population) have been marginalized and sidelined in the governance structure of the country most especially in issues related to their survival and involvement in the governance of the nation.

The project also seeks to chart a new course for Nigeria youths, thereby equipping them to be prime movers of the nation in achieving a sustainable development.

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Community TB Care is a people-oriented project committed to the reduction of the spread of TB within pro-poor communities and the society at large.

TB has been seen as one of the major public health issues in the tropics that affect both young and old

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Since 2004 we have been creating a brighter future for the youths of this country, We've charted a new course to safeguard, improve and preserve the lives of some young people through Advocacy, Capacity Building, Community Mobilization, Enterprise Development, Resource Mobilization, and Research

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