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The Youth’s Future Savers Initiative (YFSI) is a not-for-profit making, youth led, non-governmental organization committed to improving the quality of life of young people. YFSI was set up in the year 2004. The organization is currently responding to challenges posed by Health, Governance and Environment.

VISION: A secured future and an improved quality of life for young people in Nigeria.

MISSION: To chart a new course to safeguard, improve and preserve the quality of life of young people through advocacy, capacity building, community mobilization, enterprise development, resource mobilization, and research.

MOTTO: To serve whole-heartedly, the future we protect.

SLOGAN: Save the future; Save our World.


  • Help youth rediscover themselves as prime movers of the nation thereby building them into responsible future leaders.
  • Facilitate young people’s access to sound information to make right and informed decisions.
    Combat problems associated with food security and environment to secure the future for the coming generation.
  • Encourage youth participation in decision and policy making that will enhance the physical, social, mental and environmental health of young people.
  • Empower youths with life building skills that will enable them achieve their life-time dreams.
  • To salvage the lives of young people from the grave dangers in contemporary ills confronting them such as HIV, drug abuse, cultism, abortion, unemployment etc.


  • Courage; we take action went the need arise
  • Commitment; we keep to our promise
  • Accountability; we are reliable
  • Accessibility; friendly and reliable
  • Not cultural, political and religiously biased
  • Good imaging and packaging
  • Mutual respect
  • Open to new ideas
  • Teamwork

Organisational’s Background

The most valuable assets of a nation are the youth, the leaders of tomorrow, and the prospects of any nation rest on their broad shoulders. The manpower contribution of youth to a nation lends credence to this fact.

Young people of the age bracket 10-35 years constitute 60% of Nigerian’s population of about 150million.But to a nation whose teeming youths are plagued with motley forms of vices and anti-social acts, such as; corruption, peer influence, juvenile delinquency, cultism, drug abuse and addiction, hooliganism, teenage pregnancy, unsafe abortion, STI & HIV/AIDS etc. Youths are not left out of the current problems rocking the nation in the areas of basic health needs of the young people, food insecurity and the depleting environmental condition. Much to this chagrin the unfavorable economic condition has led to low quality of education, vast unemployment rate, poverty, low participation and involvement of young people in decision making and all its ramifications. As a result of scraping a living, many young people have turned to be prostitutes, armed robbers, hoodlums, miscreants, and instruments of violence. They have become government liabilities than assets.

This high level of moral decadence, unemployment, hunger and corruption has gained prevalence in young people reaching an exponential phase with shocking catastrophic stages and its multiplier effects suffice to say, the stupefying trends of problems confronting young people necessitate actions to save the future from ruin. It is against this background that the organization The Youth’s Future Savers Initiative (a.k.a. Save the Future) was formed.


Our staff consists of skilled, empowered and dedicated youths with each functioning in his/her professional capacity. Also, we have consultants drawn from diverse background to complement our staff.


Our board consists of a team of eminently successful academicians and professionals who share their expertise and have a common interest of youth development at heart. They guide the management team. The board is chaired by Dr E.O Filani, the Immediate past Provost, Federal College of Education, Osiele, Abeokuta.

Akintayo Akinpelu
Principal Coordinator
Sarah George
Political Reporter
Alisha George
Michael Doe
Event Manager

Thank you youth's future savers initiative for putting smile on my face once again. may God bless you.

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