Youths Have A Say Project

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The YHAS was necessitated due to the fact that Nigeria youth’s population (about 60% of the entire population) have been marginalized and sidelined in the governance structure of the country most especially in issues related to their survival and involvement in the governance of the nation.

The project also seeks to chart a new course for Nigeria youths, thereby equipping them to be prime movers of the nation in achieving a sustainable development. The program seeks to give Youth Voices and get them involved in things that has to do with them.

The program tend to achieve this through capacity building, coalition building, public dialogue and consultation, policy engagement and economic empowerment.

YHAS has built the capacity of over 30 young people to sensitize and mobilize communities for election while also observe and report issues of 2011 Nigeria Elections. The project since has since inception built capacity of over 230 Young people on issues of governance and budget engagement while strengthening existing youth coalition to better engage government of issues of concern. YHAS also supported other Youth groups to presents position papers on the post 2015 MDG issues through online coalition building especially on issues of ICT (where it hosted a Hub) and Unemployment especially as it concerns Young people.

YHAS in collaboration with other NGO engaged government of the state especially the state assembly on the passage of Ogun State AIDS Control Agency Bill and The State HIV anti- Stigma Bill especially as it concerns young people.
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